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middleSage is here to share the stories and experiences in our lives that have made us laugh, cry, stopped us in our tracks, changed us forever. Get to know us a bit in “About Us.” Find our stories - Barb’s & Lee’s - in “Posts From Your Hosts.” Read stories from renowned experts, bloggers and storytellers in “Guest Authors.” Take a look at “Our Bulletin Board” to show what else makes us tick. Giggle a bit at the captions our readers have submitted for our weekly “Caption This Photo!” contest. We’re thrilled you’re here. Settle in, sit back and explore middleSage. We are.

Become a guest author! Expert or Storyteller it just doesn't matter.

We’ll publish your article, or we’ll publish your story. We’re creating an area on middleSage just for you. We have an average of 5,000 page views per month and we’re just starting. It’s free you know….we’re all about sharing the information we wish we knew a long time ago! We’ll promote it on middleSage Facebook Page as well as middleSage Twitter Feed. We hope you’ll do the same ;-)

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