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A Friends Birthday…and a 28 year friendship

A Friends Birthday…and a 28 year friendship

Today isn’t just your Birthday, it’s my friends birthday, and as I lay in bed thinking about the card I didn’t send, the drink I won’t buy, the cake that will not be baked and the words I have swirling around in my head and was afraid I would not get a chance to say my feet lead me straight away to my keyboard.

It’s been 28 years (I know this because I had to pull up an old resume to verify it) and I am keenly aware at the moment that I haven’t stuck with anything else that long, but our friendship.  You’ve outlasted homes, marriages, jobs….marriages and the continual moves across the country each of us keeps making.

As I consider what goes into such longevity I know the big things account for a large percentage in such a relationship…loyalty, kindness, etc.  We’ve both seen each through a barrel full of heartache, that’s for sure.  but it’s the little things that pile up to make the mountain of memories no one else can share.

No one else but a very good friend;  Hands you a magazine back cover up because that’s the way you read them,  or notices after not seeing you in several years you have switched to a different style of bra, or even that you have a new straw in your Starbucks Cup.  It’s been a great ride and NOBODY has been in the car but us.  Thanks for being the Thelma to my Louise.

So I wish you a very happy birthday, my friend, and hope you will continue to take the journey with me as we age, even if it is long distance.

But there is one thing!  I do wish we knew then, what we know now!



  1. Chris Nix.............."C-DOG"

    23 September

    I looked at the reel of memories…talked with Bonnie and RE-LIVED musch of the video….then sat and reflected on how sad it WAS and IS that that all went away. THANKS for sharing! We did have some VERY VERY MEMORABLE times!!! Memories……….

    • Lee Aldrich

      24 September

      It is sad but it’s hard to keep it up moving all over creation. The memories are wonderful…as the pictures prove!

  2. Chris Nix.............."C-DOG"

    23 September


    • Lee Aldrich

      24 September

      Thank you Ms. Chris!

  3. Krys

    23 September

    Awwwwww what a great tribute to a real good old time friend! Notice I didn’t say “old” friend! Happy happy happy birthday Lee who I can’t believe I met what 50 years ago? It can’t be; must have been a dream!! Anyway, I love that you & Barbara have been friends, business partners, etc. for so many years; I have several friends like that myself! We are blessed! So I hope you had a wonderful day; you share your birthday with my favorite cousin! It also happens to have fallen on Yom Kippor for the first time ever! Ok I’ve blabbed on long enough, but I surely do hope all your birthday wishes come true!!!

    • Lee Aldrich

      24 September

      Ms. Krys….and yes…I believe it was about 50 years ago. The day was lovely, lots of calls, texts, giggles, surprises. You know…your cousin and I share this birthday with the late Ray Charles and Bruce Springsteen – we’re in GREAT company. (I, however, attribute all the late Sept birthdays to holiday parties and a few cocktails!) Thank you for the wishes. Hope you are doing splendidly! hugs!

      • Krys

        25 September

        Lee, I hope your double nickle birthday was as wonderful as you are! I can say that because you look so darn good! Btw, I have to ask, do you remember Mrs. Boyce calling me Christian instead of Krysten?

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