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Barbara Coleman

I believe in the “old soul” theory. You know the type…those people who just seem to have been around the block before, get “you” to your very core, and have a different perspective on everything. That’s me…I knew I was an “old soul” from a very early age.

I also believe, just like the leaves on the tree, people show their brilliance in the autumn of their life. I’m the yellow leaf on the sugar maple filled with red leaves.

When I decided I wanted to quit working for other people and see where I could take myself, I mistakenly thought I had to reinvent myself. After procrastinating to take a step in any direction, I pulled some people together I trusted and valued and did my very own SWOT analysis.

This is the road that led me to be here now.  Communication has been the thread that ties all my experience together.  A long career in NonProfit Marketing & Communications gave me a lot of experience in how to communicate with your audience on a shoestring budget.  Being a bit of a techie, I believe today we can all work a lot smarter instead of a lot harder.

If you’d like to know why I write, here’s a look into my baggage.



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