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Day 12 Behavior Exchange Challenge ~ Hating Your J...

Day 12 Behavior Exchange Challenge ~ Hating Your Job

Bad Habit #12 ~ Hating Your Job

file000106826656At some point or another, we’ve thought “I HATE MY JOB!” It could be due to being over-whelmed, under-utilized, under-challenged or under-appreciated. It could be because you think your boss is getting all the glory from your blood, sweat and tears. It could be because EVERYBODY at work seems to be griping about their job, and like water attracting water, negativity breeds negativity. So..the question is do you REALLY hate your job?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to look for other employment. But before you do that, take a step back and take a hard look at what is driving your dissatisfaction. Can you approach your boss for different work, to be included on another project? If you’re a stay at home mom or dad, you’ve got a real challenge, but even so, can you rearrange your schedule, get a friend to help when you need it, or find some time to take for yourself?

Do you really hate your job or is it just easier to blame your dissatisfaction on your job? Could it be you are dissatisfied with aspects of your life and hating your job is more acceptable than saying your kids are pushing you over the edge? With so much time spent in the workplace, you need to decide if you dislike your job enough to change jobs, or if you are using your job as a scapegoat.

Do you really hate your job?

Lee AldrichLee’s Challenge:

I’m in business for myself and my office is in our home. Up until a few months ago, I was griping because I was burned out, tired of what I was doing and needed a change. Being able to cut back on clients and reserving only those I like working with did wonders. I have enough work to keep me out of trouble, and I enjoy the clients I work with.

By allowing myself to give up some clients, I have been able to dedicate quality time to middleSage and writing. I started in my industry as a writer, and it has been lovely to be able to get back to something I hadn’t realized I missed so much.

Barbara JoyBarbara’s Challenge:

If you would have asked me if I hate my job (when I was working) I would have told you no.  It was my job to make you think I did.  My husband and I have moved 9 times (out of state) in the last 15 years.  I went through a slow withdrawal process from having a real job.  It seemed the older I got the less I NEEDED to have a job (and I’m not really talking financially).  A couple of years ago, when we moved to Minnesota, I of course thought I would get a job, because that’s what I do…I work.  I was offered a job and thought I was going to take it until I realized, “Oh my god, that sounds horrible…I don’t want to do that”!  So, I sat down with my husband and said, “so…what would you think if I didn’t work any more?”  I don’t what it was about having that conversation, but just to say it out loud that I wasn’t going to work outside the home….was so incredibly freeing!

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