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I’ve been a diagnosed celiac for almost 10 years.  As I sat in the office of my Gastroenterologist, he asked me if I wanted to see a Nutritionist.  Now, I’ve always considered myself an adventurous cook…love to experiment, my first thought, of course, was what the hell was I going to eat?


The thought of talking with a professional about food was exciting….I imagined an immediate bonding experience with this new unmet friend.  My experience with the Nutritionist was disappointing to say the least.  She showed me a copy of the food pyramid and told me to leave out the grains portion.  Where was the “if not this, then…” conversation?  I had anticipated hearing of great substitutions and ideas…adventurous recipes to try and some interesting ideas to think about.  Instead she was sending me on a wild goose chase to find “gluten free” substitutions and that frankly was a let down….it just didn’t really excite me.

images-7I tried everything however….However, everything I tried, from Gluten Free Breads to all the Specialty Flours to crackers and cereals just didn’t taste very good.  I decided “fake food”, like “gluten free” substitutions for anything just were not worthy of the calories.  I’d rather eat well and eat something else and be satiated then try to replicate the experience of eating a sandwich.

So here’s where I’m posting some of the recipes and ideas I’ve come across over the years that keep me satisfied and satiated.  None of them will contain “gluten free” flours….


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