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If 50 is the new 30, Then Worry is Our New Grim Re...

If 50 is the new 30, Then Worry is Our New Grim Reaper

Lee Aldrich MiddlesageI worry. A lot. I’m in business for myself so I have no backup; we’ve moved to 3 different states in the last 6 years; my mom – half way across the country – is getting older and is in need of help that she won’t take; the kids, ages 25, 23, and 21…well, we always worry about our kids; I’m involved with a long time friend in our new blog; my husband, a good guy, just this morning found a part in his backpack to something that he insisted he had given to me. So I looked. OCD style….for weeks. Worrying will kill us all, particularly since it does no good. It doesn’t get a thing accomplished, it causes loss of sleep, an upset stomach, and makes me cranky. So…I’ve decided to try to knock it off before the Grim Reaper comes looking for me.Reaper

In every article I read about women past the age of 40, the biggest lifestyle changes need to be: don’t smoke (I quit years ago); be active (on it); eat a healthy diet (working on it). I’ve also found what we’ve all been told – that some exercise will produce endorphins which will make you feel better. About 7 weeks ago I told my husband we weren’t 19 anymore. We needed to stop eating crap because it was easier and get back to working out. So far, so good.

file0001368323435I have found that when I get myself twisted into a knot because I’m living in my head (that’s where the worry starts), if I go out for a brisk walk, or bike ride, I do feel better. I get away from my desk, I get some fresh mountain air, and for whatever reason, the worries tape in my head that plays over and over…stops. I am able to put life’s current crisis or issues into perspective, and start again with a fresh mind and outlook.

At middleSage this month, we’re focussing on Health and Aging. The reason is that so many of us have SO MUCH on our plates, it’s not that we don’t take time for ourselves…it’s that WE ARE POOPED. There are so many demands on our time by bosses, families, commitments, and our sometimes inability to say “no”, we are tired, cranky and worried.

file0001652215190We want to put out a challenge to all of us: starting today, make the decision to do something good for yourself. When you get to feeling like I do – that my chest is tight, I’m worried about everything under the sun, I want to run away from reality – grab the dog, your ipod, whatever, and just go take a walk. Leave your home office, workplace, the dishes – whatever. Just walk. Look around you. REALLY look. What do you see you haven’t seen or noticed before? What does the wind, rain or sun feel like on your face? What is the song you’re listening to? How is the dog liking your walk?  What does it feel like to your tight chest as you pull fresh air deep into your lungs? Are you talking deep breaths to relax yourself?

file1101277665895The bottom line is…we don’t need to keep feeling like stress and worry are ruling our lives. We need to show ourselves a bit of love. We need to set some personal boundaries. We’re usually able to set them with other people – what we need to work on is the boundaries we set for ourselves.

I’d like to think that 50 is the new 30. We look different than our mothers did at this age, our world is different that our mothers was, but folks, if we don’t figure out how to alleviate some of our stresses, take some time for just a walk, then guaranteed, Worry will be our Grim Reaper.

Are you in for the challenge this month? What will you pledge to do for yourself? We’re looking forward to hearing from you!



  1. b+

    3 June

    I have written for retiree on a blog for many years. I am 71 now. But I do remember the grinding, debilitating worry when I was your age. I will agree that exercise and a good diet will help. But may I make a suggestion that may help even more?

    I have found that if I make a list of all those things that worry me to death, I am relieved. That way I distinguish between what I can change and what I cannot. I deal with them one by one. I can also quit worrying about “what might be” and focus on “what is”. The “what might be” can be worried about when it actually happens.

    Be well and enjoy life. Trust me the ” new 30″ turns into “50” all too soon.


    • Lee Aldrich

      3 June

      Thank you for stopping by for a read. And I like your idea of the list since I’m a list person! Worry comes from the future and I just need to live in the present…

    • Lakiesha

      1 May

      Thanks, Grant; that Ne/aaerthnldhuman interbreeding debate is getting very interesting now 🙂 And I totally take the point that earlier availability of material could have seen that informed debate taking place somewhat earlier.

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  2. Anonymous

    3 June

    Thanks for this. We all need a reminder to just “be” sometimes. No pressure, no smart phones, no demands. I started a “Gentle Relaxation” Yoga class on Monday nights right after work. It is an hour and a half of forced relaxation with a little stretching mixed in. It is wonderful! They closed last week for Memorial Day and I missed it terribly. I can’t wait until 5:15 tonight!

    • Lee Aldrich

      3 June

      Glad to hear about your yoga…it is a WONDERFUL way to relax and tune in. THank you for your comment.

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