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If I knew then what I know now

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Just like the autumn leaves, your brilliant color is inside you waiting to show itself

Every year the tree sprouts new leaves in the spring.  New young supple green leaves.  The leaves provide the necessary and welcoming shade in the summer and give us new hope for the coming spring and summer.  We enjoy all the growth the growing season brings.

But when fall hits, and the air begins to cool things off a bit, the leaves on the trees begin the aging process. Those leaves we enjoyed seeing sprout and add life to out landscape just a short time ago are now starting to change. You begin to see the slow emergence of color.  Every leaf is different;  some leaves turn a bright orange, some red and some a dark rusted oak, and some hang on to their tree branch for dear life.  Together they blend with each other brilliantly.  As the days went on and the leaves grow older the colors grow more intense.    This creates such beauty that people get in their cars and drive for miles just to admire natures handiwork.  And each year, this phenomena is made possible by the aging process.  We imagine our aging process to be similar in nature.  We live, we learn, we write. If we only knew then what we know now.


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