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Job HuntingJob Hunting has changed! I know many of us who work independently have said,”I’d make a horrible employee”.  As a “solopreneur” I’m used to setting my own schedule – when I get stuck on a task, I find a mind clearing dog walk helps the most.

Before I was on my own, I did my share of job hunting.  You’d look in the want ads, send one of your printed resumes to the name and address in the ad.  A few days would go by and you might place a follow up call to the person you sent your resume to.  NOT ANYMORE!  Things have changed drastically since I’ve been on the job hunt.  As a young woman starting out, the very first job I had, I interviewed for the job, I got the job.  I knew I had gotten the job when I left the interview.  I knew when I was going to start and I knew what I was going to be making. I found the job via a neighbor.  It was clean simple and easy.

Now you’re dealing with a nameless entry system even if you do find a job the old fashioned way (through a recruitment ad).  This article on the Forbes Website, written by Jacquelyn Smith was interesting.  The article started off with some facts:

Earlier this month I uncovered seven little-known facts about the job search process. I reported that 80% of job openings are never advertised; the average number of people who apply for any given job is 118; and only 20% of applicants ever get an interview, among other things—and today I discovered one more.




Why Every Job Seeker Should Have a Personal Website, And What It Should Include


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