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No Worries Add-Ons

You need help with your site. You’re not a good writer. You want a slideshow with music. No worries.

Maybe you bit off more than you could chew in terms of managing your site. No worries. middleSage offers Site Management as an Add-On. Or maybe you don’t have time to write. Or can’t figure out when to use affect or effect. Or just don’t like to write. No worries, middleSage has you covered. Maybe you have some great photos that you’d like to do something special with for your site. middleSage can create a fabulous music slideshow, all with no worries.



Here are middleSage’s No Worries Add-Ons:

Site Management

middleSage wants your site to be something you’re proud to share with the world. Whether you’re short on know-how or time, take a deep breath and relax – we can manage your site for you. If you need us to load copy or photos, make sure links work, update the software…we’re here to help manage your site from top to bottom.

Writing and Editing Expertise

middleSage has written for a plethora of businesses as well as the stories written for the middleSage Reading Room. If you need help writing copy for your site – don’t panic. We’re here to take your ideas and transform them into copy that gets readers and results. Or maybe you just want us to take a look at what you’ve written to give some helpful suggestions to clean it up a bit. We’re more than happy to do that, too.

Music Slideshow

middleSage knows there are so many events in your life you’d like to capture and hold onto forever. With a personalized music slideshow you can do that. Celebrate the birth of your children. Capture the love of an engagement, marriage or lifetime. Immortalize a loved one who has passed. You provide the photos and we’ll produce a slice of your life put to music. Check this one out!

Website Analysis

middleSage can provide you how many people have visited your website and what pages they’re reading. This is done on a weekly basis, so you can make the decisions of what your visitors like to see.


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