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Our Beginning…

Our Beginning

We started out 30+ years ago as “business friends.”

We took our relationship outside the workplace and started stopping for an occasional cocktail at night. Soon we started bringing other gal pals in and before long we had a gang of regular cohorts we would come to depend on for almost all of our emotional needs.

Husbands and boyfriends would come and go, but our gang of gal pals offered a consistent stability no one else could offer. We could sit in a restaurant talking and laughing and before long notice every one in the place was listening in.
A couple times a year we would travel someplace that offered a different venue of great food and drink. We knew more about each other than our respective husbands knew about us. Little things like; I always read a magazine from the back, I only eat one thing at a time or that time I went through a divorce, I went a bit crazy.

We always had a partner in crime and through the years we’ve all grown and changed. Our gang of girls has been whittled down to a few, but the ones remaining are here for the duration. Each knowing things about our successes and failures and willing to accept them.
We’re much wiser than we used to be, both individually and collectively. As we are all spread around the country now looking for other friends, the one thing we can acknowledge is we wish we had known then what we know now.

And now we’re back to business! We created 

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