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The Reading Room

A couple of things were at the forefront of our thoughts when we created middleSage

Especially “The Reading Room”.  Stories come from real people.  Some may not be professional writers.   Some may want you to know they have something to say.  All the stories are over to your right.  Stories are listed by both Authors, Most Read Stories, & Categories.

The first was everybody has a story to tell.  It’s through the telling of our stories we learn, purge and share the experiences we’ve had along the way.  How many of us have said, “If I knew then what I know now”?    What mistakes would you have avoided, what opportunities would be missed and what “loves” would you have lost?  That’s what middleSage is all about sharing what we’ve learned on our journey’s and learning from each other.

The second thing was recognizing how important it was to be the author of your own life.  Writing your own story gives power to the storyteller….Power to change directions, power to change the past, & power to create a new reality that may not exist right now.

We hope you’ll enjoy what you read, it’s somebodies story, and they wanted you to know about it.

As we grow, we hope you might think about contributing some stories of your own….Be the author of your own life and tell that story that got you here. Surely have a lot to pass on to the world.

It’s your story…..tell someone

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