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Another writer once said, “I write because it’s my chance to tell my story uninterrupted”.

Do you have a story to tell, but don’t have the inclination to start and care for your own blog?  Everybody’s Got A Story!  The benefits of telling our story is well documented, but not everybody wants the daily chores in the world of blogdom.  Try it out first – Tell your story and see how you feel….see what kind of feedback you get….see if you want to pursue your own blog (we can even help you with that).

Do you have a message you think people of a certain age would benefit from hearing?  We’re talking to Empty Nesters, Baby Boomers, Mom’s of Adult Children & People looking to make the most out of their “mid Life”.

Contact Us Then!  We’ll publish your article, story or thoughts.  We’ve created The Reading Room for people to find your story, it’s an area on middleSage just for you….just for us.  We have an average of 5,000 page views per month and we’re just starting.  It’s free you know….we’re all about sharing the information we wish we knew a long time ago!  We’ll promote it on middleSage Facebook Page as well as middleSage Twitter Feed.  We hope you’ll do the same 😉



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