She Pinched Me…I Pinched Her Back

We don’t realize it, but in a moment, our beliefs, our thinking about things and with that shift in thinking, our future life changes, never to be the same again. For good or for bad.
Some say that when we die our life will flash in front of us. While only for a moment, those moments will capture the visions of our life. They will be the short moments that were the most meaningful. Perhaps the ones that took us on a path to a different future.
Having had a long and robust life I imagine my movie may be a flash longer than many. There will be some highlights and of course some low lights. All wonderful however.
When I was asked to write this I started at the beginning.

One of my earliest memories is one moment in time, that to this day, decades later is still fresh as yesterday in my mind. It was a learning moment. A pivotal life altering moment. Simple, but profound. It was at the time a little thing, but it has made me who I am.

In that moment a life value was created within me.

Never hurt anyone, especially a woman.

When I was about 3 years old there was a little girl my age. She was my friend. Her name was Cookie. I grew up in an apartment house and she lived in the apartment above me. At our unworldly age of just three there was as yet, no thinking that her or I were different. Her being a girl and me being a boy was not yet taught to us that we were different.

Well, Cookie pinched me. And I pinched her back.

Then the lesson started. She cried. My Mother came running out. My Mother very kindly said to me. Never hurt a girl. Never hurt a woman. Never hurt anyone. Those heartfelt, but strong words became embedded in my psyche. And trying to follow those words has created who I am, how I see this world and how I try to treat others.

Can I do it all the time?

No. Can we as humans treat each other kindly all the time? No. But we can… and we must try. Every day throughout our lives. Never Hurt a Girl. Never Hurt a Woman. Never Hurt a Man. Never Hurt an Animal. Never Hurt Anyone.
The whole event took perhaps a minute in time, but that one minute has made me who I am. The fact that my mother told me to never hurt a girl, to never make someone cry, especially a woman changed forever how I see and treat women, and all others in this amazing world.

Now the really powerful aspect of this to me today is this. I never knew it. Although, even as a child I sensed it. My father dominated and controlled my Mother. I never knew that until I grew up and pieced the pictures together myself. They say we learn from our parents. I had two lessons, two paths of traveling as a three-year-old. I could have followed my Fathers path of abuse towards women. Or my followed Mothers path of Love and kindness for all in this world, women, men, animals, and nature.
My Mother showed me and taught me the path of love. And taking that path, in that moment of time, has made all the difference in my Life. While I have many beautiful memories. If that is the only picture that passes on the screen of life when I pass on, it will be a beautiful end to a beautiful life.

Thank you Mom,

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