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In the Kitchen with Sages

imagesIn the Kitchen with Sages extends an invitation to peruse, drool over, and even try, some of the many recipes we love. Lets face it – cooking, like writing, is a creative expression. We like to think there is a cooking gene. Some of us are really good at it without ever having been taught, and some of us…..well, not so much no matter how much practice. ┬áTake a look. There is a wide range of recipes: some that take very little time to others that are a bit more complex. There may be something you want to try. Or there may be something you want somebody else to cook for you. In any case, you’ll find recipes, our comments where we’ve experimented or changed things up, and maybe a new favorite meal. As Barb says, “Everybody eats when you come to my house!” You’re in our house now….you’re In the Kitchen with Sages!


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