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The Great Burger Challenge Review: Denver – ...

The Great Burger Challenge Review: Denver – Round 2

Lee Aldrich MiddlesageIf you recall, we left our heroines, trying to make their husbands step up to help be part of the planning process for social things – experiences – to share.That’s when blogging partners, Barb and Lee, devised a challenge. Something the husbands would be tricked into planning….and voila….The Great Burger Challenge was born. Barb is playing in Atlanta, and I’m play in Denver.

burger-week-2013-140x131When approached with “The Great Burger Challenge” my hubby was all for it. I explained that the list of burgers in the challenge is from the Burger Week list on Eater.com. I forwarded him the list or places, and told him to have at it. It was his choice where and when we would visit and taste test all the burgers on the list.

IMG_2242Apparently absolute power corrupts absolutely, and a few days later my hubby came back with a different list. Instead of just the burger list, he had complied a list of places to try for dinner from EaterDenvers’s 38 top restaurants. I told him we would need to save those for another time, because what Barb and I were writing about is burgers…Atlanta vs. Denver. Once set back on the right track, my sweetie chose Duffy’s Cherry Cricket.

The Great Burger Challenge: Round 2

We got up this past Saturday excited for two reasons…it was our dog Wilson’s 8th birthday, and we were heading to Denver later for Duffy’s Cherry Cricket. After coffee, a leisurely morning, and a trip to McDonalds for Wilson’s annual birthday Happy Meal and ice cream treat, we shoved off for Denver. Since we live in the mountains, the drive to the Cherry Cricket was about 90 minutes. The day was beautiful, the drive was relaxing, and in no time we arrived at the Cherry Creek section of Denver.

We got rock star parking right across the street from the Cherry Cricket which in itself is a miracle. We bounded across the street and into the front door. We were greeted by two friendly young women, one of whom took us to our table…”Inside or Outside?” “Outside please.” “Sun or Shade?” “Shade would be great!” The first impression means everything and they knocked it out of the ballpark.

After we were seated outside, our server Eric – who was fabulous…attentive without hovering – appeared for our order. Would we like a drink? You betcha! I had a sea breeze made with orange vodka and more grapefruit than cranberry juice – it’s a test – and my husband had some sort of micro brew from a long list of unique beers. Next – on to The Menu….

IMG_2248The “Horzidurvees”:  We ordered several appetizers when Eric returned with our drinks: Crispy stuffed jalapeños served with…are you ready….raspberry jam, and mac and cheese wedges with IMG_2250ranch. The jalapeños were quite good. The fry batter could have used a bit more salt in it, but the  half jalapeños loaded with cream cheese and deep fried, were fabulous dipped in the jam. A great new twist on poppers! The mac and cheese wedges were lightly coated and deep fried. Oooooo….they were good! After we had sampled the appetizers, we moved on to the reason for our visit….

The Burgers:  The burger selection was pretty simple: cricket burger, little cricket burger, turkey burger, charbroiled chicken breast. BUT it is the fact they will grill your burger to order – including rare which most restaurants won’t do – and the lengthy and unique topping selections that MADE the burgers. Nine types of cheese, a multitude of grilled and fresh veggies, more meat (bacon, corned beef, etc.), many sauces, and even the fixin’s for an Elvis burger….peanut butter.

IMG_2252I told Eric, our server, I was going to see just how fabulous – and sloppy – I could make this burger. I chose a cricket burger with herbed cream cheese, sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions and fresh avocado. Medium rare please. It was fabulous! AND….I had to eatIMG_2253 it with a knife and fork.

My hubby chose a cricket burger with smoked cheddar, green chile strips, bacon and grilled onions. Medium rare also please. His was also amazing. The flavors were incredible.

The Sides:  Just to make sure we had enough fried foods in our system to justify our annual cholesterol blood work, we also had “frings” a basket of fries and onion rings. The rings were not soaked in oil and the fries were crisp.There are also regular and sweet potato fries, black and refried beans, and several other sides

The Experience:    After we finished eating, I wrapped the other half of my burger for Wilson’s 090 copy 1birthday dinner. (No – we don’t feed him people food except on his birthday.) We sat and finished our drinks, watched the world walk by on the streets, and relaxed after a great burger meal. We talked about the things we wanted to do, the places we wanted to explore, and of course…..the next burger challenge….coming to another Denver Burger place in just weeks! Hubby is exited, I’m excited to see what the next burger will behold. Stay tuned to follow the continuing saga of “The Great Burger Challenge.”



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  1. Barbara Coleman

    22 May

    Maybe the way to a man’s heart…I mean calendar…really is through his stomach. Don’t ya just love sitting outside watching the world walk by….

  2. Love hearing about great places to enjoy. There is just something strange about the name cricket burger,… Will have to check it out. Hoping to get to Denver this summer.

    • Lee Aldrich

      22 May

      It was quite lovely to sit and watch the people go by with paintings, packages, and just holding hands. Very comfortable, good food and the staff is fabulous!!

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