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We have to plan for happy

The past week or so I’ve noticed a theme on several blogs and sites I’m attracted to.

Anger.  How do you get over it?

Finding myself baking more than usual….It’s 100 degrees here, not really baking weather.  I explained to my husband, that when I am mildly discontent I bake and I eat.  I am now not only mildly discontent, but 20 lbs over my desired weight limit, and that makes me even more discontent.  I knew I needed to snap out of my own private summer of discontent!

I was (blog) chatting with another member of our blogging community about the things she has tried to get over the anger she felt.  She asked me what I do.  I shared my music therapy ritual;  Everyday for at least 45 minutes I take a walk with my dog, rain or shine…. wind or snow.  I have a carefully selected playlist on my iPhone that is a collection of songs from silly 60’s pop to classical to todays adult contemporary.  Once I begin putting one foot in front of the other and begin listening to my favorite songs, which are all set to the pace of a happy person bouncing as they walk, it makes me move as if I am that happy, bouncing person.  Sometimes I’m really not that happy, but I figure if I look happy, the FEELING of happy will catch up to me.  This works for me.  There are times when I can feel the tension starting to overload me and all I can think of is; I need a walk with my music.

A week or so ago I joined a group recently founded for Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers and I just couldn’t get over the feeling I had when I checked into the group online.  I wanted to push it away.  It made me angry.  Unlike the blogs I follow, I just felt dismal after checking in to this group.  I couldn’t shake the feeling of greater discontent after reading many of the postings and wanted to explore my reaction to this more.  Just scanning the words; Mad, Demands, You’ve got a lot of nerve, You’re wrong, Stop making excuses, Victims, Hate…You get the picture, was sinking into my psyche.

Then I stumbled onto a new blog (for me).  Forcing myself happy.  She had a plan for obtaining happiness!    I would encourage everyone to read her plan and the thoughts that went into formulating it.  It’s such a simple idea, yet brilliant.

After reading it I realized that’s what I was lacking…..A PLAN for happiness!   From all of my years in business, I know a plan doesn’t work unless it’s documented and you are held accountable.  This is what I need to do to get over my “Summer of Discontent”.

Forcing myself happy even give examples of the things she can do with her plan.  Brilliant.  I felt better just after reading the plan!  I realized I couldn’t just wish this upon myself….I needed to create it.  How the concept of creating a plan to achieve happiness escaped me, I am the supreme planner of all things.

So today, I am formulating my plan.  Do it with me and keep me accountable.

Until my plan is written… here is my happy walking playlist;

My Playlist of Happiness (on iTunes)


  1. Anonymous

    31 July

    Fantastic post! I’m adding her blog to my list. Cal’s Sis

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