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Brene Brown

Perhaps you’ve heard of Brene Brown from her viral Ted Talk on Vulnerability. 

Or perhaps you’ve read one of her half a dozen best selling books, or perhaps you listened to Brene on Oprahs Super Soul Sunday.

I particularly enjoyed listening to her on Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert – you can listen to them (online)  or find them on apple podcasts, I’ve never found “self help” so funny in my life.

Brene even has a Netflix special called  The Call to Courage. and it’s Spectacular.  This is something I’d not only put  in your list right away, I’d go watch it right now.

Brene’s sense of humor along with her deep empathy, and her comfortable storytelling makes discussing how to choose courage over comfort in a culture defined by scarcity, fear and uncertainty and feel warm and safe is achievable.

Why I like her

Brene Brown is one of those experts I want at my Dinner Table.  I also want her at my Cocktail Party. I want her to be the friend I can call that stops and has a cup of coffee with me. She knows exactly what to say and who her audience is.  Her stories are relatable and her message sticks to your insides.  Her slight Texas drawl makes it seem soft and effortless and kindly.


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