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Colorado Flooding Causes Brief Hiatus for middleSa...

Colorado Flooding Causes Brief Hiatus for middleSage

Lee Aldrich MiddlesageIn the wake of the epic Colorado flooding, middleSage will be taking a short hiatus. Although Barb is in the Atlanta area, I’m in Colorado.

Since the national news has done a mediocre job covering the devastation, I thought I would share some facts and photos from Larimer county.

  • The flooding, affecting thousands in Larimer, Boulder and surrounding counties – called a thousand year flood – ripped through canyons destroying roads, bridges, homes. Many people have lost everything.

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  • Survivors, and lots of pets, were evacuated – many by air    


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  • Many people have had to leave their homes since they have been cut off due to collapsed/washed out roads. Some people will be able to return within 1 year….many will not be able to return to live in their homes for 2-3 years.



U.S. Highway 36 Colorado flood damage




  • The numbers of people unaccounted for went from the mid 400s down to 6
  • Horse posse’s have been organizing over the weekend to get back into the canyon to patrol and better scout the land to determine where owners can and can’t get to
  • There have been water, electrical, gas, cell, and sewer failures. Thank you to all the people who are living on 3 hours of sleep to get everything restored.
  • We have become a united front, helping neighbors and strangers
  • Sheriff’s departments, the National Guard, emergency responders and crews from all over, have worked tirelessly to help the people of Colorado – to them we are eternally grateful.

middleSage will be back again shortly with more stories, more laughs, more insights. But right now, it’s time to dig in and help everybody who need help. We’re a tough crew. We’re Mountain Strong. Thank you!


  • “Mountain Strong” T-shirts and sweatshirts are available for purchase. Funds raised will be held by the International Rotary Club and 100% of proceeds will be distributed to local Estes Park community flood relief funds.
  • To help the flood victims of Estes Park and Larimer county, please click on the link below to purchase YOUR “Mountain Strong” T-shirts & Sweatshirts:


  1. Mark

    23 September

    I am glad to see you publicizing this as apparently anything that happens west of the Mississippi and east of California is not considered a big deal. We are #MountainStrong

  2. Barbara Coleman

    23 September

    Great Pics! Hard to wrap your head around living with so much damage! You can’t get in or out easily…it’s like living “under the dome”….but can’t flush!

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