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Day 5 Behavior Exchange Challenge ~ Waiting for th...

Day 5 Behavior Exchange Challenge ~ Waiting for the future to begin

When I am old I shall wear purple....

What are you waiting for?

“Just wait, when I grow up and can cross the street I’m gonna be SOOO Happy”!

“As soon as I graduate I’m gonna be able to do anything I want”!

“When I get a job, I’m gonna be livin’ large”!

“As soon as I find a guy to love, I can get married and have a home of my own”!

“As soon as we have kids we’ll be a real family”!

“As soon as these kids grow up, we’ll be able to do anything we want”!

“When I retire, I’m gonna stop worrying about everything”!

Wow Time Flies!  We’ve missed most of our lives waiting for something else to happen.  We look back at what we wanted to pass quickly, and now wish we would have enjoyed the moments we missed.

My Grandkids were visiting in Chicago and we went to a great park in Naperville.  They played for hours rolling down a big hill.  It didn’t cost any money and we were being patient watching the kids have such a good time.  My Son and his (lovely wife) were sitting along with my husband and I on a picnic table and we were struck at how we were so anxious to please them and show them a good time, we missed just letting them have a good time.  My Daughter in Law remarked, THIS is what life is….moments that catch you off guard and happen quiet spontaneously.  They will remember this time forever.

Those precious moments…that’s what we waste waiting for the future.

Henri Junttila at Tiny Buddha took a look at how The Illusion of Waiting for the future to be happy;

“The future is always beginning now.” ~Mark Strand

Do you ever feel like there’s something missing in your life? It feels like you’re always waiting for something to arrive. You want the future to come, because it’s better there.

But that’s all wrong.

The future is an illusion. It’s just a concept in your head. This is what I’ve realized in the past few months.

I’ve suddenly become acutely aware of what’s going on. I’ve entered the present moment more powerfully than ever before.

We’re all evolving. This is just the beginning.

But each moment is a new beginning. There’s no need to live in the future, because future is merely a concept in your head.

When it arrives, it will arrive as the present moment. If you’re not here and now, you’ll miss it. You’ll keep dreaming of a better future, which never really comes.

The message I want to give you is that everything is okay right now.

We all have challenges in our life, but it’s okay. Say yes to life. Accept what’s here and now. Trust life, even if it doesn’t look the way you want it to.

The problem isn’t life, but your expectations of it.

Everything in the outside world will sooner or later dissolve, but who you are deep down is eternal. When you can tap into who you really are, your life will change.

Are you ready?


Well, Are You Ready?  What are YOU waiting for?

Lee Aldrich



Lee’s Challenges

I have a lot of stuff to clean up, but currently, this isn’t one of them. I have played this game in the past though. The best example I can give is living on the eastern seaboard and WAITING, HOPING, for the time when we would buy a house. We didn’t. We were going to be moving somewhere south and it would be one of two state. So I researched everything in those two states WAITING, HOPING, for the time when we would buy a house.

We settled in the state we had hoped, bought a house and lived there for less than 2 years ’cause hubby got another job and we moved to Colorado. So…I learned that you gotta like – or at least deal with – what you have and be thankful for that. Count your blessing, say a prayer of thanks, and get on with it!

Barbara Joy



Barbara’s Challenges

One of the biggest regrets I have is not cherishing every moment I had as a Mom.  I was always looking for the future.  It had to better there.  Being a single mom is hard.  I worked and worked hard….I was focused on my career and a path for advancement – it would make all our lives easier.  It seemed to be the way to get us up and out of the tight financial situation most single moms are always in.  I worked my way up into each organization I was at, and landed a top spot in leadership.  What I didn’t realize was, every career move I THOUGHT I wanted and needed put me in a position of doing things I just didn’t like doing.  I worked so hard I had no idea what I want to do …today.

When I think about waiting for the future…I’m still guilty of falling into that trap.  My new resolutions should help.

My New Resolutions:  Begin a gratitude journal.  Write down the things in my life…right now….that I am grateful for.  Play the “Name 3 good things that happened to you today” game at dinner every night with my husband.


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  1. Sue Shoemaker

    8 July

    The following statement resonated with me many years ago:

    “Don’t wish your life away.”

    • Barbara Coleman

      8 July

      How true, Sue! Much easier to “walk that talk” now than when we were young! Oh, if I only knew then what I now now!

  2. Lee Aldrich

    8 July

    Much better to stay present and thankful for that!
    Thank you, Sue!

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