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Happy people tend to have hobbies…why is tha...

Happy people tend to have hobbies…why is that?

Photo on 12-10-12 at 10.19 AMFirst let’s explore what constitutes a hobby.  Work that you would normally get paid for (your job), daily chores around the house (yes, that includes cooking), along with watching TV do not fall into the category of “Hobby”.  Hobbies are activities that you can become passionate about (you may be passionate about your career, but that makes you a professional…not a hobbyist).  Hobbies are something that you can do when you have three hours of free time.  Hobbies can lead to a career, but a career is not a hobby.  A hobby is something you engage in for the pure joy of doing it, you’re not getting paid…If you were to get paid you would be a professional, not a hobbyist.  Happy people tend to have hobbies, it doesn’t matter what you’re hobby is, it just matters that you have something to fill your free time with something that is all yours…something that feeds your soul.

Are you a bowler?



Perhaps you’re a knitter?

Why is it so important to have a hobby? 

The team at Think Inc have come up with eight reasons why a hobby is important in your pursuit of happiness

As a remedy for fatigue A hobby is the easiest way to restore your balance whenever you are over-worked or stressed. Since it is an activity of your choosing, it will always give you pleasure and help you to unwind. Even if you indulge in your hobby for a short period of time, you still can feel the difference in your energy level and spirit.

As a chance to connect with yourselfPerhaps one of the best active ways to get in touch with yourself is to explore yourself through your hobby. It does not matter as much  what your hobby is; than having a hobby of your own. It is the private time you have with yourself. Interestingly, when you have a hobby, you will strive to create time for yourself and manage your schedule well to keep that appointment with yourself.

As an alternative career option.  Many people have made a flourishing career out of their hobby. What can be more rewarding and enjoyable than the fact that your career and work is also the source of your unwinding and relaxation! When you take up a hobby or pursue the one you have with a sense of purpose, you can think of adding value to yourself.

As a life-long pleasure.  Most people think that the time to pursue their hobby is when they retire. They miss a very important aspect that by the time you retire, you would have lesser ability and agility required of a person to learn a hobby. However, those who have pursued a certain hobby.In their younger age, would continue to do so well into their old age. By then it has become their second nature.

As an independent and intrinsic source of pleasure.  Instead of depending upon external sources of pleasure and entertainment like movies and friends, a hobby is something you do with an urge from within. You cannot always look on to others for relaxing or spending your free time. Having something to do of your own keeps you in control of yourself and gives you a sense of freedom in the way you wish to spend your precious time.

As a means to discover and re-discover your talents.  Your job can recognize and utilize your competence to some extent, but it takes more than that to bring out what talents lie hidden with an individual. While you pursue a hobby, you may discover that you have a talent for something unusual as well which you did not know about so far!

As a chance to meet people of similar taste.  When you procure material, equipments etc which are required for your hobby, you are likely to find people who pursue your hobby. You may be further surprised to know how serious some people are about their hobbies and therefore would have immense knowledge of their chosen pastime. Instead of being forced to meet people from your work or those whom you have gradually grown apart with, it is a great way to meet people with whom you have something in common.

As a chance to share.  What you create or learn through your hobby gives you something to share with others. People who learn card-making and pottery can use them as gifts. Hobbies like music and theatre enable you to share the fine experience of the arts. People who like photography like to click pictures and share their photos. It gives you a reason to reach out and share with another person.Invest some time in cultivating a hobby. It is a gift you can give to yourself that shall be an enriching and rewarding experience for the rest of your life.



Are you one of those “crazy scrapbookers”?

Andreea Radulescu, part of the TED Community, asked the question; Do we find hobbies? Or do they find us?

Are hobbies a reflection of what we are good at or just something we like to do without being good at. Can we be good at something simply by practicing it a lot?

Most people are too shy and afraid to pursue their hobbies.Hobbies should be started to be pursued at an early age as it is easier to get into it as there is less consideration for consequences. And at a later age you will realize that nothing is holding you back but yourself. You are your own obstacle. Some people go through life without finding or considering pursuing their true passion. Is it because they have been exposed to less opportunities in life?

By Julie Schimmelpfennig , a writer for Gatehouse News Service wrote an article, “Doctor says hobbies make us happier”.

According to Dr. Joy Miller of Joy Miller and Associates, a counseling and wellness services company in Peoria, Ill., “hobbies offer individuals physically and mentally healthy outlets to improve well-being and happiness. Participation in a hobby has the opportunity to assist with creative expression, increase relaxation, build confidence, increase self-esteem, build patience and focusing.”

Hobbies can also be beneficial for mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. Hobbies can help people connect with others, which can diminish feelings of isolation and aloneness.

Miller said, “A Mayo Clinic study of 1,321 participants showed that having a hobby can actually lessen memory loss. The study illustrated that those who read, enjoyed a craft or played on the computer lowered their memory loss by 30 percent to 50 percent.

“Another Mayo Clinic study showed that those who watch less than one hour of TV (compared with seven hours of TV a day) and utilized time doing a hobby of choice had 50 percent less memory loss. It seems an active mind creates health and well-being at a profound rate,” said Miller.

A hobby can involve creating something, being physically active like participating in sports, or unwinding by playing an instrument. To find a hobby, think about what makes you happy and what you enjoy doing. Take time to reflect on past jobs you enjoyed and things you liked in school.

Perhaps Tennis is your game…file0001652215190

Our question for you today is;

Are you so burned out after all the tasks on your “to do” list you have neither the time or energy for a hobby?  

It seems if you’re really a happy person, you make the time!



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