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How to survive holiday shopping in 12 steps

How to survive holiday shopping in 12 steps

tree-with-lightsComfort & Joy doesn’t exist in the same context as holiday shopping.

Holiday Shopping… hell, just being out in public this time of year is stressful.  Too  many people, not enough space and a time crunch to get everything done in time.  If we all work together we can make not only this time of year, but the entire public experience much more palatable.

Let’s start with some basics….

Holiday Shopping doesn’t have to be so stressful….let’s follow these simple guidelines and I just know we can all get along…

  • Go IN the IN door and OUT the Out door
  • Don’t walk down the middle of the parking aisle…move closer to the parked cars….It’s not that I’m tailing you, I’m trying not to run over you!
  • “I’m sorry” isn’t the same as “Excuse Me”….”I’m sorry” immediately follows your cart crashing into me….”Excuse me” allows me to get out of your way. I like to be part of the process!
  • If you haven’t yet decided what you’re eating, pull over in front of the beef jerky section…NOT in front of the produce everyone is trying to get at.  We all need the celery!
  • Three abreast in an aisle is three too many.
  • Don’t abandon your cart in the middle of the aisle to go retrieve something somewhere else.  I’ll take it and move it so you can’t find it.
  • There are other people in the store…Just be conscious of your surroundings.  Other people shouldn’t surprise you when they’re trying to get around you.
  • Make eye contact with other people – It makes navigating around each other SO much easier
  • Retail Workers:  There are customers in the store, look alive, smile, say hello & and walk around people.
  • Shoppers:  Retail workers only have so much knowledge about product, placement & usage of said product, do your research at home.
  • Ladies:  Don’t bring your husband along to hold your purse.  He doesn’t want to be there and he’s taking up valuable space.
  • Take the time to either move your cart to the cart coral or take it back to the store.  Don’t leave an abandoned cart in the middle of a parking space.

And one last thing….


Pajama pants are for at home in front of the TV….

Unless you have had a fire at your house that morning and ran out in your pajamas, you look stupid wearing pajama pants.  For god’s sake put on a pair of yoga pants, jeans or something else!

Good luck everyone and Happy Holiday!

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  1. Steven Monahan

    5 December

    Haaaaaaa. Everything I’ve been ranting about in my head, but too politically brain washed to say out loud. Good therapy, keep em coming.

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