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How Happiness Changes with Age – The Atlanti...

How Happiness Changes with Age – The Atlantic

Photo on 12-10-12 at 10.19 AMA recent article in The Atlantic captured my attention since our focus this month is on Breaking Bad Habits in search of a higher state of happiness.  In the article, author Heidi Grant Halvorson, explored happiness as you age.  Her byline, “Becoming okay with being boring”.  I think that’s what prompted me to read….I don’t “feel” boring.  I feel like I finally get to do what I want and now the ball’s in my court.  In the article, Heidi admits to being just shy of 40 and that she thinks of her life as boring…but clearly she is very happy with it.  I wonder, as a writer in mid 50’s…okay, late 50’s will her thought process change in 10, 15 or 20 years?  I know my take on being happy is completely different than it was 20 years ago.  Two of her paragraphs that really stuck out for me…

They found that younger bloggers described experiences of happiness as being times when they felt excited, ecstatic, or elated — they way you feel when you are anticipating the joys the future will bring – like finding love, getting ahead at work, or moving to a new town.

Older bloggers were more inclined to describe happy experiences as moments of feeling peaceful, relaxed, calm, or relieved – they way you feel when you are getting along with your spouse, staying healthy, and able to make your mortgage payments. This kind of happiness is less about what lies ahead, and more about being content in your current circumstances.

take the poll graphicWhat’s your take?  We’re looking at the possibility of being the “Master of your own happiness”.  Can you really be happier by living your principals….by exchanging some bad habits with healthier ones?  Check out the Behavior Exchange Challenge!  Join us and see if you’re As Happy As You’re Ever Going To Be!


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