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It started over a cup of coffee

It was a cup of coffee that happened more than 30 years ago.

That cup of coffee led to lunches, because we started out as “business friends” and that’s what “business friends” did…we did lunch.  We took our relationship to the next level…outside our business world and into our personal world – and you know what that means… stopping for the occasional cocktail at night.

Having a gal pal to talk to, commiserate with was everything. We shared life’s ups and downs. Husbands came and went, jobs came and went, houses, kids grew and left the house….we shared the growing pains along the way…health problems, you name it, we shared it.

If we would have been on the newlywed game we would have cleaned up. We knew each other well. After 30+ years we found we have no choice but to stay friends, as we say now we know where all the bodies are buried. We’ve shared so much of the good, the bad, and the ugly, there’s no turning back, and it’s a good thing neither one of us is going to run for office.

Looking back, we’ve always had a partner in crime and we’ve never had to go through anything alone. Through the years we’ve grown and changed and are much wiser than we used to be, both individually and collectively.

Time and circumstance has kept both of us moving across the country for the last 20 years, but technology, friendship and a real need to always have someone to talk to have kept us together and became the catalyst for middleSage.

Lee’s in Park City, Utah preparing to make another move back to Michigan.

Barb’s currently in the Cincinnati area, hoping to make yet another move to a little more southern exposure within the next 3 – 4 years. Thankfully, middleSage is everywhere we need it to be!

Barbara Coleman

Lee Aldrich


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