IMG_0091This month on middleSage, we’re looking at the topic of Health & Aging.  Laura Carstensens talk: “Older people are happier”, was great!

In her Ted Talks she says…

“People are living longer and societies are getting grayer. You hear about it all the time. You read about it in your newspapers. You hear about it on your television sets. Sometimes I’m concerned that we hear about it so much that we’ve come to accept longer lives with a kind of a complacency, even ease. But make no mistake, longer lives can and, I believe, will improve quality of life at all ages.

Now to put this in perspective, let me just zoom out for a minute. More years were added to average life expectancy in the 20th century than all years added across all prior millennia of human evolution combined. In the blink of an eye, we nearly doubled the length of time that we’re living. So if you ever feel like you don’t have this aging thing quite pegged, don’t kick yourself. It’s brand new.

Listen to the rest of her talk.  Enjoy

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