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Learning From My Dog: My New Year’s Resolut...

Learning From My Dog: My New Year’s Resolution


I worry. A lot.

I’m in business for myself. My husband and I are in the process of moving West which means moving my business and finding my way through all the state and local licensing/unemployment and secretary of state registration/business transfer minutia. Plus letting the federal government know my business is moving. Again.

In addition to the business move which is largely a paper chase that nobody but me sees or deals with, there has been the honey-do list that the buyers of our house needed completed. The business taxes I need to start and finish since I’m an s-corp and those have to be filed before everything else. The personal taxes I need to pull together. The relo, moving and 3rd party companies to contend with. And then throw in Christmas festivities, shopping and cooking; our kids visiting; my husband coming and going; the selling of this house; the buying of another house; the clients that still have needs…..holy crap! There have been days I just wanted to run away from home. There have been more middle of the night terrors when I can’t turn off my brain and wonder if my heart will explode.

Here’s where my dog, Wilson fits into my New Year’s resolution.

As I sit at my desk sending new address information to my clients, I watch Wilson. He’s currently napping in the hall outside my office. When I get up to get coffee, he wakes up and is excited to go downstairs with me. Prancing, wiggling tail, head erect, eyes bright and alert. Excited just to race down the stairs.

Wilson is also excited about the new stuffed lamb his human sister got him for Christmas. Lambie is soft and looks like Sheri Lewis’ Lamb Chop. He takes Lambie to bed, carries her around the house, takes her to the door and looks up at me telling me she has to go potty, licks her like a momma dog licks her puppies. He is focussed on Lambie, and right now, Lambie is his world.

Wilson wakes up, walks into my office, and plunks his soggy, doggy-loved Lambie into my lap. My first response is “eeewww” since Lambie is slobber soaked. But Wilson is happy to share Lambie with me. He stands watching my reaction as I tell him “Lambie is very nice – thank you for sharing!” He turns and walks out of my office leaving Lambie in my lap.

Wilson and I have been through thick and thin together filled with many moves, losses, heartaches, stresses, laughter, joy, love. Apparently Wilson thinks I need a little bit of Lambie in my life. Something that is soft, a single item to focus on that demands nothing from me. Wilson has shown me that Lambie’s charm is that she knows how to just be.

Wilson, with his attention to Lambie, has reminded me of the need to be present in my life. To live in the moment. To not worry so much, since worry comes from a place in the future, and no one can control the future. Lambie has shown me that I need to just be. I need to try to stop worrying and focus on the soft part of my life. To be. Just be.

Wilson has helped me craft a New Year’s Resolution I will work on: to strive to be present in the moment; to try to stop worrying and focus on the soft parts of life; to let things go and just be.

I’ve learned from a lot of living, people, and experiences in my life. The lesson I needed to re-learn most right now has been taught by the furriest member of my family. My New Year’s Resolution is a lesson learned from my dog, Wilson….I had no idea he was so brilliant.

Happy New Year!





  1. Laurissa Doonan

    28 December

    Hugs to Wilson to reminding you what’s important!

  2. Barbara Joy

    28 December

    If people had the good sense of dogs, we’d all be in a much happier place. Those furry babies of ours don’t even need words to know how we are feeling. Couldn’t bear coming home to an empty house.

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