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The Writings of a Semi-Lunatic Mind

I learned as a kid that writing was an escape. As an adult, I learned it kept me from going bat-shit crazy; it’s a way to get the big ball of yarn that tangles itself in my head at 3am untangled.

Writing allows me to express happiness, anger, grief, loss, share a story (whether true or not), give my perspective on what’s wrong with the world and who’s wrong with it, share realizations. Thankfully, writing still keeps me in check, it’s been quite a while since my head exploded and my thoughts and feelings leaked out of my ears. (That is never pretty.)

I’ve been paid to write copy for lots of folks and businesses. But this writing, my unpaid joy, allows me to say what I want, how I want to, with no deadlines. It lets me explore myself, my tangled yarn ball of a life, the people I love, the people that piss me off, the places I live, the things I do and why. Sometimes I find resolution. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I just want to share a giggle. I write because some days it’s like breathing – it’s do or die.

If you find yourself here, reading about WHY I write, wait until you read WHAT I write. Welcome to the ramblings of my semi-lunatic, say-it-like-I-see-it, let-most-of-it-hang-out writing.

Over and out from the tangled ball of yarn. I look forward to having you visit again.



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      3 January

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