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“Mindless habitual behavior…..

“Mindless habitual behavior…..

Lee Aldrich Middlesage…..is the enemy of innovation” says Rosabeth Moss Kanter.

We get stuck in a rut. We’re human. One of the ruts that can cause the greatest heartache and consternation in our lives is repeating the same negative behaviors over and over. We get pissed at the rude clerk and let it ruin our morning; we don’t live in the moment because we’re too focused on the future; we want more money thinking it will make us happier. These are all negative, self-defeating behaviors that have become part of us.

We’re asking you to join us in “The Behavior Exchange Challenge.” We (Barb & Lee) have behaviors that make our lives stressful and less happy. And we’re going to usher you into our thoughts as we share our successes and set-backs right out there in the open on middleSage.com. We have a variety of tools that will point out where you may need work (we both have work to do!), tools to help you track, and tools to help with your own Behavior Exchange.

“The Behavior Exchange Challenge” is July 1 – 31. Join us to see how your life can be happier in eliminating negative behaviors. We’re in this together!

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