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Music + Memories = The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

Music + Memories = The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

file7171261764119Can you remember the first time a song struck you to your core? Or how about the first song your mother sang to you? Or the special song played at your wedding? Or the song that reminded you of a love lost?

It’s nearly impossible to separate music from our lives. Whether classical, jazz, R & B, pop, alternative, whatever the genre – music weaves its way into our lives and our souls. It is music that can instantly remind us of an event in our lives, a person we were with, the place we were.

Tomorrow, middleSage is making September a month of music and remembering with “The Soundtrack Of Our Lives.” We’ll be sharing events in our lives and the music that was an integral part of those memories.

We’re excited to share our music, our memories, and our lives. We hope you’ll join us tomorrow as we kick things off. And of course….we’d love to hear about the soundtrack of YOUR life!


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