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My Love/Hate Relationship

I love technology.

Technology untethers us from our desks and gives us a sense of freedom. I can write with my butt plunked on the sofa. I can look out the window and admire the yellows, burning flame oranges, and bright scarlets of maple trees turing color. I can see the deer run past, the squirrels on the deck teasing my dog, and watch the cardinals dart back and forth in the woods as I appreciate the extra hour the daylight saving fairies have given back to us. All this because I’m unplugged.

I also hate technology.

Technology can make us lazy. And self absorbed. Technology lulls us into believing that a birthday wish on Facebook, an emailed thank you or electronic correspondence is on par with human interaction. Let me tell you – it’s not. Why make a phone call, or take the time to pick out a card that expresses sympathy, birthday wishes, or congratulations, if a quick jot on a message board will suffice. Whew! That’s off your plate…you’ve at least posted your well wishes….other people have seen your post….that’s good….now onto something you really want to do.

We are fast losing the ability to communicate. Our ability to hold dear to our hearts the needs and feelings of someone else. Unless the person on the receiving end of a quickly jotted message is a mere acquaintance, the other unspoken message, clearly delivered, is “you are not worth my time.”

If I have ever hurt someone’s feelings, or made anybody feel less than with the use of technology, I apologize. It is a tool to streamline our lives, keep us informed, facilitate interaction….but it is not a replacement for relationships, caring for one another, or putting somebody else first.

I love technology, but it also drives me nuts. What are your thoughts?


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