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“Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen...

“Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…..

Lee Aldrich Middlesage….nobody knows my sorrow…“

Unfortunately we frequently create our own pain and sorrow. We get stuck in a rut of behaviors that are unhealthy. Behaviors that cause US unhappiness. After many hours of reading about unhappy people, happy people, people who want change in their lives, the folks at middleSage – that would be Barb and Lee – came up with the 31 day challenge to change negative behaviors in our lives. middleSage and “The Behavior Exchange Challenge” wants YOU!

We have behaviors we need to work on that have become so much a part of us, they are as natural as breathing. After much reading about behaviors of unhappy people, behaviors of happy people, hours of discussions relating to the subject, we decided to challenge ourselves to make the changes necessary to lead a happier life, and “The Behavior Exchange Challenge” was born.

From July 1 – 31, middleSage is challenging ourselves, and inviting YOU to join us, to determine which things you do in your life that aren’t beneficial to you, AND determining your resolutions to fix them. Here’s how to begin:

1 – Monday morning, hop over to middleSage.com. If you are already a subscriber – thank you! If not, please feel free to subscribe.

2 – Take The Poll to determine which of the 22 habits of unhappy people you might have. It’s a big orange button that says “Take The Poll.” (Yep, It’s confidential and we won’t know who you are, but it will show you how you stack up against the other folks taking the poll.)

3 – Once you complete the poll, there is a PDF worksheet to print – there’s yet another button for that too!

4 – The Behavior Exchange Challenge worksheet, like the poll, identifies the 22 unhealthy habits. Identify the ones you need to work on, then use the worksheet for your personal notes, and to set resolutions to eliminate that unhealthy habit.

5 – Barb and Lee will be (gulp) publishing their Behavior Exchange Challenge Resolution Sheet for all to see. (Nothing like letting it ALL hang out!)

6 – We will also be journaling on middleSage.com each of the 31 days to let you know how we’re doing, what our successes are, what are challenges have been. You might want to journal, too!

7 – We will let everybody around us know what we’re doing so they can be accountability partners. We’re anticipating that friends or family will call “bullshit” when they see us using/reverting back to the unhealthy habits. You might want to have some accountability partners, too!

As the month goes on, we will be posting helpful articles to read, so please check back often. And if you’re comfortable, let let us know how you’re doing. You can always send us a private message, too.

Less than 2 days to go, and we’re EXCITED to challenge ourselves! “The Behavior Exchange Challenge” – July 1 – 31.

If you already subscribe to middleSage.com, fabulous! If not, subscribe and become a part of the fun!



  1. I’ll try to get there to participate but with hubs coming home, I will be 100% at his beck and call, no time to call my own…

    • Lee Aldrich

      1 July

      Have a wonderful time with hubby and drop by when you can! Don’t forget you can always take the poll. It’s quick, easy and anonymous.Thank you for following along!

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