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Resolves for the new year…but not New Year R...

Resolves for the new year…but not New Year Resolutions!

I prefer staying in on New Years Eve.  Just like St. Patrick Day, there’s too many people out just to see how drunk they can get.   I always say, I’ve spent more New Year Eve’s in bed with Dick Clark than any other man.  These days New Years Eve is hunting for the best movie marathon and eating the best “crap” food I can imagine.  Delightful.  Dick Clark is gone and it’s now just my husband and I in bed.

Although it’s the time of year to do so, I don’t make New Year Resolutions….I just don’t believe in them.  For me it’s kind of like Christmas…why just once a year….why not carry that resolve to do better all year?  It’s a very self serving way of doing things for me…failure is less of a threat because you can start over every day.  I try and stay away from the lose 30 lbs type of resolution or save more money…These things are the things that will happen as a result of living the healthier life I strive for.

So here’s my top ten resolves for each and every day…I repeat, not a new years resolution!


Look for and appreciate good when you see it.  Knowing that good is the enemy of great,

don’t bypass good waiting for great.


Drink more.  Not the usual resolution, I admit.

However, the conversation had over a good glass of wine is much different than the one I might

have over a tepid cup of tea.  I don’t know why, it just is.


Treat myself more like a toddler.

By that I mean, stay conscious of my own limits and don’t push myself over that line.

There’s nothing wrong with knowing I need a certain amount of sleep,

I’m painfully slow in the morning and I still won’t eat lima beans.


If I’m hot open a window….If I’m cold turn up the heat…

If I hurt take something….If I don’t want to go someplace, don’t.


If you haven’t used it in a year, throw it out, sell it or donate it.


Weigh myself once a week.  That’s it!


I am a “brand” of my own creation.

My words and my actions are all people have to judge on what “my brand” is.

Create, maintain and guard the “brand” I am proud of.


Remember that a good work / life balance makes me better at both.


Plan for vacations.  They’re good for the soul.


Keep revising resolves 1 – 9






  1. Lee Aldrich

    31 December

    Good call on #4. Lovely list to aspire to live daily.

  2. Very nice list. I think I may borrow many of them if that’s all right with you. It might be good to print it out and refer to it daily. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

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