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Sean Dietrich

I stumbled onto Sean’s writing on Facebook. Another “Dog Loving Facebook Friend” had sent me something he wrote on my Facebook feed about a hound he was particularly fond of.

Now, I guard my facebook stream like the pearly gates stand at the top and you must offer something very important to pass through the gates and make it into the facebook stream. I’ve worked hard to protect the stream of all things politics, negativity, violence and hurtful. If I treated my body like my facebook stream I’d most likely be 3 sizes smaller and my joints wouldn’t scream bloody murder at the mention of going upstairs.

Since Sean’s first facebook post, I’ve explored his website, podcasts, books and even music.  His writing will transport you to a time and a place where life seemed a bit simpler, and what’s important takes more of a priority in life. He calls himself “Sean of the South” and his Southern Charm oozes out of every word.

Why I like him…

I believe I’m responsible for the messages I allow inside my heart, mind and soul. Sean Dietrich writes what’s good in the world.  There’s a kinder, gentler place out there and it has a hound and apple pie cooling on the window sill.  Some day I intend to go looking for such a place.

Here’s a sampler to get you craving more from Sean…

“Things I Love”

There are too many things to name. You couldn’t even begin to make a complete list. You wouldn’t know where to start. The world is too big…

Andy Griffith. He would definitely be near the top of my list. I can’t think of many things better than Andy and Barney.

Next would be barbecue. In fact, it’s a toss up between Andy and barbecue.

Some of the best pulled pork I’ve ever had was at Tin Top Barbecue Restaurant, in Columbiana, Alabama. If you ever visit, tell them Sean sent you. They will look at you funny and say, “Who in the Sam Hill is Sean?”

Also, I love pictures of my friends. I recently had a picture taken with a buddy. When I saw the photo, I noticed how old I look. And it was a bittersweet feeling. It was a feeling that, perhaps, I need to cut back on carbs.

Laughter from a child. Especially a child who considers you to be their favorite non-parental adult. Like my niece, Lily.

Cowboy hats. I love them. As a child, I admired cowboys so much that I started collecting cattleman hats. My wife says I own WAY too many, and is threatening to have a neighborhood bonfire.

Good T-shirts. They’re hard to find. I don’t want slogans printed on them, or brand names. I just want a plain color, loose collar, and I need it to be soft. Maybe a few peanut butter stains on the chest.

Dogs who sleep all day. I love lazy dogs. In fact, you could say that I aspire to be one.

Typewriters, fresh newspapers, the sounds of lawnmowers in the distance, Hank Aaron, Shirley Jones singing “Goodnight My Someone,” John Wayne, and black-and-white photographs.

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