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The Make Believe World of Social Media

The Make Believe World of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, texts, et al, are great tools. They are also a crutch that fosters:

  • the ability for people to create a false self to present to the world
  • passive aggressive behaviors
  • a belief that a large number of friends/followers defines the quality of relationships
  • a belief that people really want to know what you’re doing every moment of your day
  • a complete and utter lack of personal creativity

imagesFalse Selves

It amazes me how many people will not post current pictures of themselves. Or will dramatically alter current photos to make themselves look thinner, more handsome, younger, etc. It’s sad that people fear somebody on another device, somewhere in the world, thinking badly about them. Are people so afraid of rejection – from the 750 friends – that they would prefer photoshopping a picture? Me, well, I’d rather have somebody on the other end of a device, somewhere in the world, look at a photo and think “Holy crap! She’s gotten fat, old, whatever…” than to bump into somebody after creating my false self and watching the shock register on their face.

Passive Aggressive Behaviors

It never ceases to amaze me the things people will say to another person coddled with the safety of a keyboard and public forum. Family arguments, disagreements between friends, all become fair game to post/tweet. It’s easy to hurt somebody when you don’t have to see the end result of the insult or carry on the argument face to face. On line, you can drop a verbal bomb and not even have to run for cover. Good lord people…it’s SOCIAL media. Would you behave like that in public?

Numbers don’t equal Quality

I laughed out loud the first time I saw the Toyota spot where the girl was talking about “reading an article….well, most of an article” and all the “friends” she had. The people the spot is making fun of may not get it, but the rest of us do. Don’t tell me you were “talking” to somebody when you were texting or messaging. Talking involves actual sounds that communicate a message. Let me ask about your “friends.” Can you call them at any time, day or night, to discuss a personal issue, cry on their shoulder, bail you out of jail, come pick you up when you’ve been in an accident or run out of gas, invite them to your home or yourself to theirs, drop by unannounced? If the answer to any of those is no…..your “friends” are acquaintances.

Your every thought, move, doing….doesn’t need posting

Really. If you feel the need to post/tweet/text almost every event or moment that happens in your life you may want to look up the definition of self-absorbed. Please know that reason it’s called self-absorbed is because you are the person who finds you most interesting. I’m just sayin’…….


Honest to pete….if I see one more Pinterest posting from some 20 something that’s in love with love I’m going to put a straw in a bottle of my favorite flavor of wine and start some passive aggressive posting. You’re 20 something and the economy sucks. You will probably not get a flawless, 2 carat diamond engagement ring. Or a Vera Wang wedding dress. Besides, you repinned all that stuff from another pinner. Your creativity depends on the thorough research of somebody else. That used to earn you the name copycat.

What’s your insight, beef, or thoughts about social media?




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