I’ll never forget the moment.

Actually, a series of moments, like a video in slow motion. It forever changed my life in ways unimaginable to me before. It forever is etched in my mind.

Just after midnight, December 10, 1995, in a room bathed with warm bright lights, me looking down upon my wife’s open legs, thinking this is most unladylike, my son was born.

The crown of his head was visible first, slowly but intently emerging, dark wisps of hair wet against his skin. Then his shoulders, arms, torso, legs and feet wormed their way out. He was sparkling pink, clearly unhappy and the first thing I noticed was his ears. They were folded up, deformed-like, but my son could hear just fine so I worried little.

Before, I was single-minded, intent on building an empire and making a lot of money.

After, I realized with a profound certainty, a V8 moment, that there was more to life. Much more.

I had always heard raising children is hardest job you will ever love, though I never really understood the actual mechanics. I love being a dad, and my definition of a rich life changed that day, shortly after midnight, December 10, 1995.

A fleeting moment that has made a lasting impression.

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