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Wacky Cake

Photo on 8-19-13 at 11.09 AMIt’s like the universe was whispering (loudly) in my ear….  “Make me a Wacky Cake”.  I haven’t had Wacky Cake in probably 40 plus years, but now here it was in my inbox…on Pinterest and now on some of my favorite food blogs.  I’m always perusing recipes on the internet and ran across a variety of cake recipes – all with different names and all with the same ingredients.

There’s always some kind of name assigned to it that gives you the heads up it’s not your normal cake recipe.  Crazy Cake, Puddle Cake from Laurel Regan’s Blog (AlphabetSalad), or Depression Cake…It was even on Food52’s blog called Margaret Fox’s Amazon Chocolate Cake as part of their Genius Recipe collection.  It’s an easy recipe to recognize because, as one of the names suggest, it’s from the depression era and doesn’t use any eggs, butter or any dairy.  These ingredients were scarce during the depression, so somebody came up with this brilliant recipe.

I would normally think it couldn’t possibly be any good, but it really is a good cake…moist.  And it has a very distinctive flavor – that’s because there’s vinegar in it.

This cake is crazy easy to make – you make it right in the pan you’re going to bake it in.  So it’s dangerously easy to pop a cake in the oven if your mood dictates.

IMG_2924I’m not the kind of gal that can leave well enough alone, so I wanted to try a couple of substitutions and see if I couldn’t bring this cake into the new millennium.  I have a new addiction to flavored olive oils and vinegars.  I try to use these in anything I bake.  Today I used Blood Orange Olive Oil and a Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar.

If I hadn’t just started South Beach Diet today, I’d do another tester cake using Coffee for the water and Espresso Balsamic Vinegar!

Try the recipe as is, try the substitutions I made or come up with some creative one of your own.


[gmc_recipe 6181]


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