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Where are they now? Where am I now?

Barbara JoyI start my day out the same way every morning.  My husband brings me coffee in bed 🙂 and I sit in bed looking for interesting things to read online  🙂

This morning, as I was perusing all the different sites and blogs I subscribe to, I saw the headlines Your Favorite ’60s and ’70s Teen Idols…  Of course, I had to spend a few moments wandering down memory lane and remember the feeling I had when I heard their song come on the radio, saw them on T.V or read about them in the latest issue of Tiger Beat.

imagesBobby Sherman’s on this list….Of course he’s on the list!  He’s going to be 70 this year!  70! Now I may need some Tylenol to go with this coffee!  I couldn’t find a picture of what he looks like now, thankfully…I think I’d rather remember those big blue eyes on the cover of his album.  I did spend some time searching…  David Cassidy’s on the list…he looks like he’s one plastic surgery away from  a character on Batman.  Several years ago my gang of gal pals went to see a play David Cassidy was appearing in, (Blood Brothers) when he came out on stage you could hear (and feel) an audible gasp.  He’s incredibly small….All I could think of was well, I can certainly take him off my list of things to do…. I wouldn’t want to break him!

John Travolta’s on the list.  I’ve got to tell you, I’ve tried to remain a Travolta fan over the years, but he really has to surround himself with people that will tell him the truth about his hair.  And no I don’t believe all the rumors about him….nuff said. Still…this is the way I’ll remember him…

Davy Jones was on the list, but I was never a Davy Jones fan….I always liked Mike Nesmith.  He was the “smart Monkee”.   Let me clarify something….I didn’t just like Mike….I was convinced at the age of 10 when the Monkees first hit TV in 1966 I was destined to marry him.   I’ve kind of kept up with his journey…His Mother was the force behind Whiteout….Remember Whiteout?  Quick aside….you know how the struggling whiteout company went from a failing business to a thriving business?  They shortened the brush.  So now, I’m curious about Mike’s whereabouts these days.  Of course, I turned to YouTube….  I find the same old stuff I’ve already seen, but I watch it anyways.


But where is he now?  I found this YouTube Video of his last performance in the UK….Wow.

I was completely in awe!  What a difference 47 years makes!  He is now 70, and he looks every bit of it too!  Me on the other hand….Ok, I’ll save that for another time.  The contrast of my feelings were what gave me that feeling of awe.  Back then; I thought these “teen Idols” were too cool for me….too cute for me….too popular for me…too interesting for me….Obviously, my preteen years weren’t my peak self esteem years.

The stroll down memory lane and checking out the “Where are they now boys”, was such a frivolous waste of time, but it did prompt my own question; Where am I now?  As I watched the “elderly” Mike explain his songs before he begun to sing them….I checked out his diminishing hair line, the age spots that pepper his face and the pot belly he is now sprouting …I felt extremely lucky to have had my life turn out the way it did…and besides my husband is WAY hotter!  It continues to be remarkable to me how the needs and wants I had in my youth, from the boys, the cars, the clothes (oh the clothes) to the ideals I so firmly believed in back then, have changed.  If only I knew then what I know now!  Getting older sure provides a new perspective …I guess that’s something to keep in mind when life isn’t exactly as you want it….You just might change your mind in a few years.


  1. I don’t just “like” this….I LOVE it! Of course I remember the way my chest felt whenever I saw that picture of Bobby Sherman. (LIke someone just squeezed my heart as hard as they could) My favorite, though, was Vincent Van Patten (remember Apple’s Way?) Did you know that he married Eileen Davidson from the Young and the Restless? I can’t – and won’t – imagine him as a 70 year old. This was great fun….thanks for the walk down Memory Lane. Now I won’t be able to accomplish anything all afternoon because of my daydreams!

    • Barbara Coleman

      7 June

      Ha Ha! Thank You! and oh yeah, Apple’s Way…only reason I ever wanted to visit Iowa! How about Michael Cole from the Mod Squad….I’d love to see what he looks like today!

  2. Lisa Romeo

    7 June

    Ah, those teen heart throbs! Fun spot.
    I read once that Bobby Sherman quit acting and was a California highway patrolman for about 20 years (or maybe just a regular police officer, not sure). Davy Jones was my favorite; I was a little bit heartbroken when I heard he died about a year ago. I know what you mean about David Cassidy, but I did enjoy a show of his I saw in Las Vegas about 10 years ago; it was with a female singer from the 80s – I want to say maybe Sheena Easton? – both belted it out, fun to watch. Likewise Donny Osmond – he’s a great stage entertainer.

    • Barbara Coleman

      7 June

      Thanks for reading Lisa! Yep, I liked Donny too! I think that’s why I wear purple socks…when I wear socks.

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