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White Tea in the Afternoon

Lee Aldrich MiddlesageI am a fan of things that make me relax, take the stress out of daily life, and let me sink into a deep breath. And when those things are actually good for you, that’s a bonus. Although I really don’t get all wound up in rituals, one that I love when the weather turns cooler, is making a pot of white tea in the late afternoon, plunking my butt on the living room sofa and letting the tea wind its way into my senses.

I am particularly fond of white teas not only because they taste wonderful, but also because they contain the highest antioxidants of any teas. The antioxidants in white tea have the ability to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and improve/open blood vessels which protects the entire circulatory system. White teas also boost the immune system, riding herd on certain types of cancer cells. White tea can help with bone density issues, osteoporosis and certain types of arthritis.

So with all that good going on, my favorite white teas are white peach and jasmine silver needle. There is something cathartic in bringing a pot of water just under a boil (180-190 degrees for white teas), pouring it over the loose leaf tea in a favorite cast iron pot, and patiently waiting the 3-4 minutes for the leaves to release their wonderful goodness as they steep.

DSC02141Whether enjoying jasmine silver needle or white peach, there are other senses besides taste involved:

  • the wafting scent is incredibly fragrant and needs to be breathed in deeply
  • the pretty cast iron pot and painted cup satisfies the sight
  • the smooth iron handle fits comfortably in our grip
  • the quiet sound of the tea being poured hints at nature and slowly running water
  • the hot tea, poured into the cup, warms chilly hands
  • the preparation, serving and enjoying relaxes the mind and gives us the chance to slow down and just be

Some people may just see this as making a pot of tea. I, however, see it as a small, rewarding ritual that recharges my immune system, calms my mind, and lets me relax into, and be grateful for, this one moment in time.

It’s just about tea time for me….I hope you’ll join in.


  1. I could use this right about now!
    Sharon Greenthal recently posted…Wear Orange on October 9 – Stop BullyingMy Profile

    • Lee Aldrich

      9 October

      Lord, I do believe THAT to be true!

  2. Hello Lee, Definitely would love to join you at your Tea time. Unlike you even I am a big fan of tea its so relaxing after having it. I can have it more then 10 tym in day.

  3. Ah, nice! I’ve found white teas after reading your article. I also have a question on caffeine content of white tea, if you can write some article on it in near future. Thanks

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